Motu Design is...

...a specialist urban design agency.


We work collaboratively with diverse teams to provide a mix of urban design, landscape design, urban planning and community engagement services in support of quality urban development, city planning and placemaking projects.


With 20 years of industry experience, we understand the challenges of managing growth and a change within New Zealand cities and our focus on good design and communication has proven successful as we work towards a more resilient, healthy, equitable and sustainable future for all. Whatever your project, our integrated and collaborative approach will add value to your team.


Ka tu korua aroara ki te aroaro, ka haere anake korua ki tetahi taha atu ranei, a, ka haere pea korua ki muri. Mehemea e hiahia ana korua ki te haere ki mua, me haere korua taha ki te aha.


When two people stand face to face you can only step sideways or go back. If you both wish to go forward, only when you walk side by side you can go forward together.