We provide specialist urban design services, for precinct planning, scenario testing, and drafting of provisions for proposed plan changes,  or to support the assessment of plan changes and submissions.  This includes expert urban design evidence for hearings.

Our team provides expert urban design assessments, with supporting documentation and recommendations on design changes to help resolve complex development and planning issues.   We  also provide expert urban design evidence in hearings and independent peer reviews.


We are a preferred supplier to  Auckland Council for urban design assessments of Resource Consents, and have worked for local government on many large scale commercial and residential developments over the last 15 years.

Plan Changes

Resource Consents

Our urban design focus... on ensuring that growth and change is managed in a way that meets the needs of existing and future generations,  supports the mana of tangata whenua, and the quality of our public realm.


Our team is experienced at working with designers and planners under the Resource Management Act.  We understand the complexity of the consenting and plan making process and how to successfully navigate this through aligning policy objectives with good design outcomes and a robust evidence base.