Urban Avondale - an Urban Design Workshop


A community workshop aimed to upskill Avondale residents and stakeholders with an understanding of urban design skills and analysis to support an increase in participation on decision making in the Avondale town centre planning processes.

This 4 hour workshop was funded by the Whau Local Board and included collaboration and facilitation with both Community Waitakere and Avondale Community Action and held at the community run arts space ‘All Goods’ (run by ‘Whau the People’).

The workshop combined a quick fire introduction to urban design followed by hands on design and analysis exercises in groups based on urban design concepts. Motu Design were supported by 5 local facilitators. The workshop enabled a collaborative approach to placemaking and the both the design results and discussions from the workshop were both impressive and effective. Feedback from participants was positive.



Client: Whau Local Board

Project Team: Motu Design supported by Avondale Community Action and Community Waitakere; Facilitators- Kurt Taogaga (Bike Avondale), Dayne Smith (I Love Avondale), Silvia Spieksma (Avondale Community Action), Jaclynn Bonicci (Community Waitakere) and Bronwyn Bent (Whau the People Arts Collective).